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Car OF The Week – MINI Paceman

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On Friday I got to see the new MINI Paceman JCW in person for the first time, when my boss at work – Anne – collected her brand new, very sexy black and red version and fetched it into work to show to her team. I have liked the Paceman from the very first time I saw the Concept revealed back in December 2010, which I blogged on here. Next, I watched all the videos and press releases about it on line and was still impressed and now, having seen it for real it has not disappointed. I love it – simples!

I can’t really add anymore, I can’t review it objectively because I am not objective about it. I like it, I like MINIs and if I could have one of these I would love it and I can sense that it would be a very easy car to live with. Seeing it for real, seeing how the colour scheme gelled together and how the flashes of red lifted the black interior, it looked superb. That’s it. Boss, enjoy your motor it’s a cracker and for everyone else, click the pictures to see a slideshow of photos of the car.

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