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ClubBeast – Quick Pic


We went into Great Malvern on Monday night to do some shooting with our Fuji X-E1 for the sister site PhotoBeast, but of course we could not resist grabbing a quick shot of ClubBeast while we were there. He’s over five years old now and he’s been in a lot of scrapes over the years – new clutch, new gearbox, new turbo – but he also has a lot of European tours under his belt and we have had a lot of fun in him. You know you love a car when you walk away from it after parking, click the remote to lock it but you have to look back for a cheeky peak at him, bit like you turn your head when you walk past a pretty girl! ClubBeast is still that kind of a car! And before you say anything yes, I always look back when Lady Peanut walks past!