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La Chasse “Sunday Scurry”.  Sunday 7th May 2017

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Following on from their launch get together, La Chasse had planned this morning to introduce those interested in their “engaging and prestigious motoring events for driving enthusiasts”. It was a sort of high tech treasure hunt and their intention is to plan weekends and longer holidays abroad using the same structure. We met up at Weston-on-the-Green and were briefed on our day, given our iPads, chose our team names (we were The Follies) and had a bacon roll. Our instructions were to solve the clues to local pubs, takes pictures outside and on the way collect other random items/photos as specified. Once we had passed the first checkpoint most of the group split up, whilst the Hare car kept in the vicinity and points could be gained by catching a photo of it during the chase. Driving was the easy job; navigating, solving clues, organising the technology and taking the photos was the Elf’s task. It was great fun, although at times a bit stressfull, and we finished up with the intention of having lunch, but in the event that didn’t pan out as hoped. A very good day’s fun and in truth we would love to do it again but the price for the longer events is a bit prohibitive for us.

A complete stranger with a nice old car. The Follies with cowsThe view behindAn unusual/noteworthy car. All these pictures were taken on the run for point scoring purposes, but we didn’t win.

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