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Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb: 18th June 2017

I really enjoy helping in the shop at Shelsley. It is so pretty and there is always something going on. It also gets me out on weekends when I have nothing else to do and gives me the chance to have a drive with the roof down when it’s lovely weather, like it was this weekend. The drive there is quite exceptional, all country lanes and wonderful scenery. You also get the chance to people watch as they go past, the bar is just round the corner, the ice-cream ladies and the bacon sandwich man 10 yards away. What more could you want?This one had a bump just as I arrived and had to be brought down. This little chap was enjoying his ice-cream but he didn’t like his picture taken. I will be back again in two weeks for the VSCC meeting and I expect that will be a lot busier.

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Dambuster’s Run. 23rd May 2017

Andy Williams had planned this run around the Elan Valley late last year, but at the last moment we couldn’t go. Then weather and circumstances delayed it further, but Andy promised we would do the run when the weather got better. The plan was to start our day at The Steel Horse cafe for breakfast then drive around the valley and end up with lunch in Rhyader. We didn’t get the best start and had to implement plan B before we even started, as the cafe was shut on Mondays and Tuesdays, and it started raining a little. So we had breakfast in Abergavenny instead then began our run by driving to the Elan Valley Visitor Centre. I think we saw almost all of Mid Wales police while we were driving, five unmarked police cars with blue lights, five unmarked police transits also with blue lights, all with better things to do on that day than worry about than us. Four more also turned up at the Visitor Centre, which did mildly alarm us as it’s not the first time police have been looking for us while we were driving (it was in France – a long time ago) but it seemed they just wanted their lunch. While they weren’t looking we quietly sloped off and the fun began.

I can’t begin to explain exactly where we went, I followed Andy and his new exhaust and in the process “honed my driving skills”. Anyone who has ever been on our European adventures knows what that entails. We stopped often for pictures and to just enjoy the peace and beauty of the place and as we drove the clouds broke up and the sun came out.
 We ended our day at Rhyader for a late lunch in the Old Swan cafe which I can highly recommend, then I drove back home through the most beautiful Herefordshire countryside in glorious sunshine. A lovely day out (serious drivers only.)

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La Chasse “Sunday Scurry”.  Sunday 7th May 2017

Following on from their launch get together, La Chasse had planned this morning to introduce those interested in their “engaging and prestigious motoring events for driving enthusiasts”. It was a sort of high tech treasure hunt and their intention is to plan weekends and longer holidays abroad using the same structure. We met up at Weston-on-the-Green and were briefed on our day, given our iPads, chose our team names (we were The Follies) and had a bacon roll. Our instructions were to solve the clues to local pubs, takes pictures outside and on the way collect other random items/photos as specified. Once we had passed the first checkpoint most of the group split up, whilst the Hare car kept in the vicinity and points could be gained by catching a photo of it during the chase. Driving was the easy job; navigating, solving clues, organising the technology and taking the photos was the Elf’s task. It was great fun, although at times a bit stressfull, and we finished up with the intention of having lunch, but in the event that didn’t pan out as hoped. A very good day’s fun and in truth we would love to do it again but the price for the longer events is a bit prohibitive for us.

A complete stranger with a nice old car. The Follies with cowsThe view behindAn unusual/noteworthy car. All these pictures were taken on the run for point scoring purposes, but we didn’t win.

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Bromyard Speed Festival. 2nd April 2017

It was a lovely day for this event, staged in the small town of Bromyard. It was only the second time the event had been organised and the town was closed off completely to allow the entrants to do parade laps through the streets. We parked up in a central car park within easy walking distance of the action and passed the paddocks where the entrants waited for their turn. The streets were lined with adults, children and dogs all eager to see an amazing variety of cars and motorbikes pass by. A break for lunch gave us a chance to explore the many small shops that were open for the day and do some shopping. We took a picnic and ate it in the peace and quiet of the car park, but there were many places to find food in the town. An ice cream in the afternoon finished off a very pleasant way to spend a day.

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La Chasse “Cars and Coffee” meet. Weston-on-the-Green. 4th March 2017

The Elf and I had a lovely morning meeting up at the La Chasse inaugural meeting. The idea is of a sort of high tech treasure hunt on the best roads and places in this country and eventually abroad. I don’t imagine this will be cheap but I am hoping it will be a lot of fun. 

The chap with hat was the chef for the morning in charge of bacon, sausages and burgers.

Worth and I were never keen on subtlety and some of these babies were amazing.

The gardens of the hotel were very well cared for.

A lovely gurgling Noble.

Calipers and stripes to match.

A rare example of a silver Porsche I could live with.

Little SilverBeast was welcome but he didn’t get in the front car park with the big boys.

This was the interior of a Maclaren. Impressive but not for me. I wouldn’t be able to see out for one thing.

This was a modest grey, not silver, Lamborghini which was quietly elegant but still looked like a Transformer ready to pounce.

It was a spectacular display of cars and the Elf and I will be going on one of their introductory events at the end of April to see what goes on. There are more planned for Cheddar Gorge and Wales, but the week long event in Italy has stolen my heart. 

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Queens Square Breakfast Club. 4th February 2017

This was my carriage for a trip to the Queens Square Breakfast Club at Castle Combe. It was not my car but I was kindly taken by Andy Williams. It was a beautiful morning, and turned out to be sunny all day which made a pleasant change to the awfulness of the last few days. All sorts of cars were there for us to see, everything from a McLaren to an ageing Peugeot 206.

Some lovely VW campers.

Two stunning Ferrari 458s

A Tesla X with its amazing gull wing doors.

A Lambo in  mellow yellow.

But my heart was drawn to these lovely Porsches. I could not decide which I would take home if I had to choose. Fortunately I didn’t have to. A great day out with lots to see.