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Car Events 2016 – Welsh Mini Group Brecons Run August 2016

An early start saw us at Cardiff West Services at 9.30 to meet the Welsh Mini Group on Facebook for a MINI run followed by a pub Sunday lunch. A smashing group of people turned up, old old chums such as Andy and Aston & Debs to new pals such as Lewis, Sue, Denise and Morgan. It was a lovely mix of people resulting in a great drive, a lovely lunch and some wonderful socialising. Put simply it’s the MINI life. Continue reading

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ThunderBeast – JCW Srut Brace Fitted

ThunderBeast is looking very handsome. Today we fitted his JCW strut brace and also this week had the front valance fixed where the divers side faux brake duct was not clipped in properly. A refurb on the wheels means that all in all he is looking not too shabby. Now if I could just give him a real clean then he would look pretty darned good!

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Car Of The Week – Elvis’ BMW 507

The BMW 507 owned by Elvis has been restored to a better condition than its original factory build. It’s just a beautiful car. Will the beautiful cars of today stand the test of time in the way that the lovely cars of the 1950s and 1960s have. Perhaps they will. Perhaps an F-type Jaguar will be as desirable in 40 years time as it is today.

Pictures courtesy BMW.