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Cars and The Importance of Dreams

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Le Mans

We have a dream, it’s a wild dream, in our case we have this dream because we know that life is not forever. Lady P is a believer in a kind of fate, a set of circumstances that come together to make things happen. This has been the case with so many of the big things in our life. Timing, opportunity, a real sense of it is meant to be. Lady P has always wanted me to have a classic Porsche but now she fancies a new one to share. A silly dream, beyond our pay packets, but it doesn’t stop the dream. Then as you nourish the dream, sometimes if it is meant to be, things happen, they conspire, to tell you that you are on the right path. Poppycock maybe, but it is so often the case, that fate plays a card, to point the way. A bargain offer at the Photo Show on a Fuji X-M1 was an example of this just a few weeks back. Getting our Opel GT had a fate about it. Walking into the first apartment we viewed in France and it being the one was fate. Getting a watch , or it passing by – there is a fate element to it.
So here we are dreaming of a Porsche, nourishing the dream and then bits of news emerge.
First Dick Lovett announce a new Porsche retail centre at Tewkesbury, half a mile from where I work.
Then, Porsche and Le Mans team up, and we love Le Mans and are planning to be there again this year.
French Porsche Experience Centre
The Automobile Club de l’Ouest and the German firm Porsche, which is making its comeback at Le Mans this year in an attempt to add to its victories in the Le Mans 24 Hours, will open the only Porsche Experience Center in France in 2015. The contract was officially signed on Wednesday 12th March at Le Mans. You can read the full story here on ACO.
So, let’s carry on teasing and nurturing our dream…

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Car Of The Week – Porsche 911

Porsche 911

We were at the recent Avenue Driver’s Club Breakfast Meet in Bristol, which we have already reported on. But on consideration, Mrs Peanut loved these two photos of the classic whale tail 911 widowmaker, so we had to make this car our Car of The Week. I mean just look at it. I cannot think of a more stylish car for a gentleman to drive, this is just divine.

Porsche 911

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Car Events 2014 – The Avenue Breakfast Club Bristol 9th March

Opel GT

Today saw us out on our first car event of the 2014 season and it has been a long time coming. Wet miserable weather in 2014 has slowed things right down but today the sunshine came out and banished the horrible weather and allowed us to get a great first car event under way. Click here for more photos. And click here for a slideshow from the day. Finally, Check out The Avenue Driver’s Club Here.

Hot Rod

The Avenue is a square in Bristol where classic  and unusual cars meet up, so that others can see them , photograph them and enjoy them. A couple of cafes open early too so that breakfast can be enjoyed. We drove down from Malvern in our Opel GT to meet up with some old pals from the MINI community, Kev (Jaffa Racer) and Carol and Paul (Minisoopercooper).  Kev arrived in a swish JCW MINI and Paul was in WAC his classic A35. The Opel GT was right at home on the square and certainly got his fair share of attention and admiration. Continue reading