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Car Of The Week – MINI GP

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When I first set eyes on the new MINI GP above, I wasn’t really smitten. It was a soft launch with little information and an interior that you could not see and to be honest I was more taken with the original. Now though the car has started to filter onto the streets and I saw it again this weekend at RAF Cosford and this time round I was much more impressed. It has a presence there is no denying that and the rear diffuser definitely looks the business.

Now I find I look at the new GP and think, “yeah I get it” and there is nothing about it that I dislike. It’s a great car, it really is. However, there is not enough there to make me want one and I guess I knew that which is why we have just bought the Coupé and not this, but as for the original… yep that is still an itch to be scratched, I want one every time I set eyes on one, I cannot lie!

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