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Lexus LC500

This isn’t going to happen often. Worth had much more car interest than I did and he pitched his write ups in a manly fashion with lots of technical info and all that stuff. Mine is a girly take on it all, sorry. So I do not care what is under the engine as long as it’s not diesel powered. I need it to snort, roar and respond promptly (a bit like a man). I need it to look good and be nice to be with, comfortable to control with a wild side when required (a lot like a man 😲) . I don’t mind it being expensive to maintain as long as the pleasure it gives is worth the money, to me at least. (😉👌remember I have 4 and each have their purpose)

So this Lexus. Apart from the obvious fact that it assembles itself around you while you are floating on a beautiful coastal road ( you will only understand that if you have seen the adverts), it is stunning, and I have hankered after it since I first saw it on TV. Imagine my glee when I saw one on a transporter with other Lexi. It’s the rear lights that do it for me and I saw them from a distance. This one was a stunning yellow and I had to slow down in the middle lane to get a good eyeful, much to the annoyance of everyone else. If I had been less occupied I might even have followed it to its destination. Scrummy.

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Vintage Sports Car Club meet, Shelsley Walsh, 1st June 2017

I had a whole day at Shelsley today for the Vintage Sports Car Club practice day. So I arrived at 9 and the paddock was eerily quiet as they hadn’t properly started. But the smell was incredible – a mixture of bacon, exhaust and hot engines, it really was quite something and it seemed to be everywhere. I started the day with a cup of tea and a doughnut, then more tea and shortbread, then lunch, ice cream, more tea. That was pretty much my day. The weather went from rather awful and cold, to full sun and warm as the day passed. The only thing I couldn’t do was find a safety pin for a chap whose zip on his driving suit had broken. 

The star of the show was a 24 litre Napier Bentley which took off up the hill with an impressive amount of smoke and noise. It was a nice day out and I’m starting to get to know people. Now my invigilating has finished its very apparent that I can go days sometimes without speaking to anyone and that doesn’t do me any favours; conversations with the cats are a bit one sided.

Groovy Word of the day: miasma