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Lexus LC500

This isn’t going to happen often. Worth had much more car interest than I did and he pitched his write ups in a manly fashion with lots of technical info and all that stuff. Mine is a girly take on it all, sorry. So I do not care what is under the engine as long as it’s not diesel powered. I need it to snort, roar and respond promptly (a bit like a man). I need it to look good and be nice to be with, comfortable to control with a wild side when required (a lot like a man 😲) . I don’t mind it being expensive to maintain as long as the pleasure it gives is worth the money, to me at least. (😉👌remember I have 4 and each have their purpose)

So this Lexus. Apart from the obvious fact that it assembles itself around you while you are floating on a beautiful coastal road ( you will only understand that if you have seen the adverts), it is stunning, and I have hankered after it since I first saw it on TV. Imagine my glee when I saw one on a transporter with other Lexi. It’s the rear lights that do it for me and I saw them from a distance. This one was a stunning yellow and I had to slow down in the middle lane to get a good eyeful, much to the annoyance of everyone else. If I had been less occupied I might even have followed it to its destination. Scrummy.