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Car Events 2016 -British Motor Museum

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The Welsh Mini Group organised a day out at The British Motor Museum at Gaydon For Saturday 9th April. We had been before a long time ago but it has recently been refurbished and we were keen to see what had been done and how it had been improved.
We met up with friends at Strensham services for a quick snack and drink then made our way cross country to the museum. The day was beautiful when we left home but had already turned cloudy by the time we reached Strensham, and when we left there it had started to rain, and this cold rain stuck with us for the rest of the day.
There were some more Minis already waiting for us in the car park when we arrived and after a brief catch up we made for the Museum. It has to be said the £14 entrance seemed a bit steep but it did give you free entry for a year, although in reality most people probably won’t use it again.
It is a well presented display with plenty of information about the cars and the history of British car manufacture,. It was well lit and warm, but it didn’t seem to us to be vastly different from what it was before. There was a pleasant and reasonably priced cafe upstairs and on this occasion a small antiques market outside the cafe which was fun to browse. Beastie got excited when he discovered some Biggles books only to have his hopes dashed when he realised he already had the ones on sale!
There is now another hall full of cars, Jaguars only downstairs and a more varied collection above. This was not so well presented or lit and we felt the upstairs display was little more than a smart garage.
When we had all finished we made our way back to our cars and after a brief farewell some of our group left for home, while the four remaining minis sought some food, which was found in a Harvester nearby.
We had a great day out but this was primarily due to having a catch up with friends from the Welsh MINI Group rather than because we were blown away by the wonders on show at Gaydon. For all the hype we were not that impressed with what had been achieved at the museum compared to how it was before the redevelopment and felt that in truth £14 was a lot to pay.

Click on the photo below to see a slideshow from the day.

British Motor Museum April 2016

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