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Car Of The Week – BorrowedBeast, A Gen. 1 MINI Cooper S Convertible

DSCF6550 (1)

A pal of mine from work Andy, recently bought this generation one MINI Cooper S Convertible and before he did he rang me to ask what I thought. Well clearly then he was smitten by the car so  he rang the one person he knew would just say, “Yep great car just go for it!” Soon after he bought it I gave his daughter a lift home and was greeted by Andy, keys in hand chomping at the bit to give me a test drive of his new MINI. I grabbed the keys, adjusted the driver’s seat, noted the GPS where the central speedo usually sits and that I had both a speedo and rev counter sat atop the steering wheel. I fired her up and  instantly remembered that this was a first generation MINI, one with a supercharger. These are exciting cars to drive. Continue reading

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ClubBeast – Quick Pic


We went into Great Malvern on Monday night to do some shooting with our Fuji X-E1 for the sister site PhotoBeast, but of course we could not resist grabbing a quick shot of ClubBeast while we were there. He’s over five years old now and he’s been in a lot of scrapes over the years – new clutch, new gearbox, new turbo – but he also has a lot of European tours under his belt and we have had a lot of fun in him. You know you love a car when you walk away from it after parking, click the remote to lock it but you have to look back for a cheeky peak at him, bit like you turn your head when you walk past a pretty girl! ClubBeast is still that kind of a car! And before you say anything yes, I always look back when Lady Peanut walks past!