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Memory Lane – Donington Park Historical Racing April 2011

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Click on the images to see a Slide Show of the Event

We went to this back in April 2011 and really enjoyed the day and fully intended to go again, well worth doing. Below is our write up from the day and we have accompanied it with our photos from the day.

We bought tickets for this event some time ago using a Pistonheads offer making it a good value day out. We arrived early, meeting our mates RVW and Storm just outside the entrance. The weather was fine and sunny but the wind was something else and blew a gale all day. It was pleasant to be able to stroll around the paddocks where they were prepping the cars and seeing work in progress. The range of support varied from an original Morgan three wheeler parked up next to a hay bale, to a full on artic with awning  and garage facilities. It was such a busy buzzing place it was easy to get into the mood of anticipation and competition. We strolled around for a while then went under the tunnel to visit the trade stands on the infield, which consisted of all types of motor memorabilia ranging from model cars to books, posters, clothing and even a BRM watch stand. At the far end was a stand nicely positioned with a view of the final bend which gave us a welcome sit down for 20 minutes or so while we watched some racing. We walked back to the centre of the infield and had a look at some of the car clubs displayed there, in particular the Morgans, Porsches and Corvettes. It was still cold so we decided to head back to the cars for a spot of lunch and a brew where it was slightly less blowy, but the wind still made it a while before the kettle boiled.

When we returned to the infield more cars had arrived at the club stands and we spent time sitting in the sun and chatting to one or two owners.

Back to the stand then, where we were in time to see the brand new Mad Jack race for classic racers, named in honour of Mad Jack Shuttleworth who won the first Donington Grand Prix in 1935, with entries from huge Bentley Blowers to the tiny Morgan three-wheeler we saw earlier in the paddock. It was interesting to see these drivers struggle with their cars on the bends using all their strength to get round corners with their large steering wheels – no roll bars or power steering on these babies. To their credit there were no crashes that we saw, but many blips and wobbles and comings off the track, clouds of dust and yellow flags, as well as being a pleasant thing to listen to – no screaming roar to burst your eardrums but rumbles, roars, pops, bursts of flame and gurgles of different notes as all these cars were entirely different in make and age, their only commonality being that they were pre-war sports cars. It made us realise that we have a greater love for classic than modern racing and so plans have been hatched for more trips to such events next year.

This was the first year of the Donington Hitoric Racing event but in our view it was a great event and we look forward to next years meet! :)

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