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 CooperBeast Gets a New Driver!

“CooperBeast is an October 2002 build Mini Cooper in Chili red with a white roof, which we got from new at the start of November 2002.

He is a very special car to us as really the whole car enthusiasm and interest really kicked in when we got this car. MINI is more than just a car it is a whole way of life with a whole MINI scene attached.  In recognition of this and the special place this car has in our hearts it is our intention to never sell CooperBeast – truly he is family”.

The CooperBeast page on our website begins with the words reproduced above. You can check out his page here.

CooperBeast then is almost ten years old and has clocked up well over a 100,000 miles. He is family and the adventures we have had with him have been incredible. MINI weekends in Europe, such as the French Weekenders we organised and the epic European Road trips to the South of France are just some of his adventures.

In 2003 he went on his first MINI adventure to The Peak District with MINI2 and so embarked on a decade of fun and adventure.

In 2004, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1964 Mini win at Monte Carlo, he went to Monte Carlo and retraced the route of that epic Rally victory. In the same year he took us on our his first trip to Versailles and Monet’s Garden in a manic weekend dash there and back!

2005 saw him attend the International New MINI meet at Lommel in Belgium and partake in the first leg of the epic Bonette or Bust European trip as it went down to the South of France. Then later in the same year he played host to the first of The Great Malvern Runs around our local patch.

2006 saw him joined by CheckBeast  our MINI Cooper S JCW Checkmate and at last he had a brother to share his adventures with. For a while he took a back seat as CheckBeast got the headline trips but CooperBeast remained much loved and a loyal workhorse at Beastie Folly.

In 2007 he did a fantastic Weekend Adventure in the Lake District and The Elf and Fandango took him along on the MINI French Weekender to the Loire valley!

In 2008 the Opel GT arrived to replace PugBeast and ClubBeast our 2008 MINI Cooper S Clubman came along to replace CheckBeast. CooperBeast then was not going to get to many of the high profile adventures after that but he continued to do us sterling service and he has never failed to get attention and admiring glances when he is out and about.

2012 then and the fun and games have been run hand in hand with my battle with the Big C for the last two years. The adventures paused briefly before getting back on track this year. It is time though for CooperBeast to step back into the limelight and to do that he needs a new driver.

CooperBeast then has been handed over to The Elf who will take care of him for the forseeable future along with Fandango. If the day comes when CooperBeast can no longer serve The Elf, then he will just come back to Beastie Folly, but he needs some mainstream adventure and to be fair he has started with a bang as The Elf has collected him and taken him straight to Edinburgh for a weekend of fun at the Fringe!

Have fun with CooperBeast guys! Long live CooperBeast! :)


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