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SilverBeast Gets New Joseph Ducts

 We had a fancy to mod our new coupé a little and thought we would add some red brakes ducts to his features, instead of the black ones he was born with.

A simple job, just remove the bumper and change the ducts. We have changed bumpers before on CooperBeast, a bit time consuming yes, but not impossible.  So yes let’s have a go! Continue reading

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The Peaks Run 7th April 2013

 Quite by chance we discovered that our mates Aston and Deb were going to the Peaks MINI Run organised by the Midland Mini League and as the weather looked glorious at last, we could enjoy an afternoon in Buxton the day before book a hotel for the saturday night and make a full weekend of it. Poignantly was 10 years ago  in May 2003 that we did our first MINI run, which happened to be the Peaks Run, so it seemed apt that we should go back to the Peak District ten years later to do another Peaks MINI run! Continue reading

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Brooklands MINI Day March 2013

 This year we went to The Brooklands MINI Day with The Surrey NEW MINI Club and despite the perishingly cold weather we had a great day.  We met in a nearby Tesco car park so that we could all convoy onto the stand together and this worked very well and gave us a chance to meet some old friends and make one or two new ones. As always it was inspiring seeing other people’s MINIs and we came away with a few ideas on what to do with SilverBeast. Great fun and all part of the joy of the MINI scene. Continue reading

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SilverBeast Gets His Nametag

 SilverBeast has his laurels and now he has received his name tags. The next step is to have his A-panels coloured red to match his roof, in the same way that CooperBeast and ClubBeast have matching A-panels. The side scuttles came from and I have to say we were very pleased with the job they did and the service they provided. Continue reading

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SilverBeast Earns His Laurels

 With a 1000 miles under his belt, SilverBeast has earned his laurels, which he now shares with his brothers ClubBeast and CooperBeast. Another 1000 miles and he will earn the coveted roof coloured A panels already sported by CooperBeast and ClubBeast.

The Cooper Laurels and the coloured A- panel, then are badges of honour, proof of a journey undertaken – the rite of passage from boy to adolescent to man.  A true rite of passage has three distinct features; separation, transition and re-incorporation.

SilverBeast has spent his first 1000 miles of life separated from his brothers CooperBeast and ClubBeast by uniform. He has been naked and unadorned. At 500 miles he got his union jack flag badges and after 1000 miles  he began to wear his laurels. Now, with an engine run in he is an adolescent. He is in transition, learning how to wield his strength and after 2000 miles the transition will be complete and he will be reincorporated into the fold as an equal and proudly wearing his coloured A-panels to prove his status.