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Car Events 2016 – Pistonheads SS at The Aston Martin Factory May 2016


© Beastmaster 2016

The Floating Aston© Beastmaster 2016

Sunday the 22nd May saw us wake to glorious sunshine. This was good as we were off to the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon with about 350 other car fans from the Pistonheads website. Gaydon is a lovely cross country drive for us here in Malvern via Evesham and Stratford upon Avon. We dropped the roof on the Opel GT and had a lovely drive over being serenaded by bird song all the way.

There was lots to see and some beautiful Astons to drool over as well as the 350 odd Pistonheads motors. Classic Peugeot 205 1.9GTI’s were to be seen and iconic old school Volkswagen Golf GTI’s. Classic Porsche 911s were there and at least three beautiful mid engined Renault Clio V6’s.

We grabbed the obligatory bacon and sausage bap in the canteen and shot about two hundred photos between us for good measure. Yep it was a smashing morning all round.

Here are a few of our photos from the day.

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Pistonheads Sunday Service – Morgan Factory April 2015


Sunday the 19th April saw Pistonheads hold their Sunday Service at the Morgan factory here in Malvern. 2015 has been a slow year here for us at AuroBeast in terms of car events and one was long overdue so I gave my Son-in-Law Carl (Fandango) a shout and we took the Opel GT along to show his face.

This event really is a cracker, I went last year and loved it and was really keen to get Carl to take a look especially as a short factory tour is included in the event courtesy of Morgan. Again the event was a cracker. First there was a great turn out from Pistonheads which gave us a chance to look at the Auto porn that they had brought along. Secondly, Morgan bring in great caterers who charge very reasonable prices for their teas, coffees and food. Add to this a Morgan factory tour, a look round the Morgan Museum and the gift shop and for a tenner a chance to have a ride in a Morgan.

I took this opportunity myself and was duly whisked along the leafy lanes of Malvern by a very friendly Morgan employee in a super sexy Morgan 4/4 Sport. The bonnet seemed to stretch for about a mile in front of us and it truly is an awesome sight looking along that long bonnet as the car gets gunned along a long straight country road. I was smitten with Morgans before this but now…

In short then a brilliant event made perfect by the fine weather. The Pistonhead cars add something wonderful too and it gave us a chance to look at some rare and beautiful cars and secretly I was pleased to see that the Opel GT attracted his fair share of admirers too.  Anyway here are a few  cars that caught my eye.


I have always liked Muscle cars, American Mustangs, Chargers, Camaros or Japanese muscle cars for that matter. This Camaro in black then just jumped out and socked me in the mouth as I walked past. Loved it!


Next up was this beautiful Triumph GT6. I love classic cars – much of why we loved our weekend at the Mille Miglia. I am totally sucked into the whole nostalgia thing and grab my fix of the Classic Car Show every Thursday night without fail. This example epitomised all I love in them and to my eyes it is as cool a car to be seen stepping into as you could ever hope to find. Ok I know it is not a Bond car but I just know I’d start calling my wife Moneypenny as we drove along in this beauty!


Back to muscle cars and let’s give the Japanese a nod with this stunning Nissan GTR.. If I was 22 and female I’d say “OMG, OMG it’s Oh My God! ” but I’m not I’m 55 and sensible so I’d say, “OMG, OMG it’s Oh My God! “


And back to the Classics. Debadged but methinks a Porsche 911 Turbo whale tail. This is Mrs P’s dream car (well maybe in Guard’s Red) and yes firing one of these up in the morning I would be living the dream. So let’s be frank there were lots of gorgeous cars, gorgeous Morgans and I spent the morning in dreamland. To be honest I do all the time because it ain’t such a bad place to be and at the end of the morning when I cranked the Opel GT I didn’t feel hard done to at all! Thanks Pistonheads and Morgan for a smashing morning.



Car Events 2014 – The Pistonheads Sunday Service at the Morgan Motor Company

Three Wheeler

This event took place on Sunday 13th April at the Morgan Motor Company about 3 miles from my house. It would have been rude then not to go. However, I was slow off the mark in spotting this so when I signed up I went on a reserve list as the 300 available places had already been taken up. In the lead up to the event, I watched as I rose up the list and finally got in the top 300 as people dropped out. In the end I was 194 on the list so a heck of a lot of people dropped out. To be honest this is selfish and disorganised of them. Why sign up if you aren’t going to go? How can you not know that you cannot make it until half an hour before the event? many people did this and if they had dropped out the night before many people could have gone but if they are three hours away, it is no use to them if someone drops out at 8.30 on Sunday morning. People need to be a bit more organised, a bit less selfish and show more consideration to others. Anyway, I have got that off my chest so rant over. Here is how the day went. Continue reading