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Car Of The Week – Elvis’ BMW 507

The BMW 507 owned by Elvis has been restored to a better condition than its original factory build. It’s just a beautiful car. Will the beautiful cars of today stand the test of time in the way that the lovely cars of the 1950s and 1960s have. Perhaps they will. Perhaps an F-type Jaguar will be as desirable in 40 years time as it is today.

Pictures courtesy BMW.

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Car Of The Week – Elvis and the BMW 507

Day 169/365 Elvis and the BMW 507

18/06/2010. The BMW 507 made its debut at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York in the summer of 1955 and production began in November 1956. Despite attracting celebrity buyers including Hans Stuck and Georg “Schorsch” Meier, the car never once reached more than 10% of the sales volumes achieved by its Stuttgart rival, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. By 1959 only 252 had been built.

Intended to revive BMW’s sporting image, the 507 instead took BMW to the edge of bankruptcy — the company’s losses for 1959 were DM 15 million. The company lost money on each 507 built, and production was terminated in late 1959. Only 252 were built, plus two prototypes.

The BMW 507 remains a milestone model for its attractive styling, which attracted some famous buyers. American icon Elvis Presley was the most noteworthy purchaser. The one pictured here is one Elvis leased while on duty with the US Army in Germany he paid $ 3750 a fortune at the time to lease the car while on duty in Germany.

Of the 254 produced, 202 507s are known to survive, a tribute to the car’s appeal. Bernie Ecclestone’s 507 fetched £430,238 ($904,000) at an auction in London in October 2007. By 2009 the prices for 507s had reached €900,000!

The styling of the 507 later influenced the Z3, Z4, and Z8.

Groovy word of the day: milestone