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Car Events 2014 – Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club 6th April 2014


Yesterday morning we were up bright and early and went to Shelsley Walsh’s Breakfast Club Meet. This is an excuse for car enthusiasts to  fire up their precious metal, head to an idyllic part of the world and show off their pride and joy to a whole bunch of other petrol heads and car lovers. To this end we took our 2008 very rare Opel GT. However, because Peanut’s son was up from London for the weekend we had to take Our MINI JCW Coupé along as well. A wonderful 40 minute cross country drive to Shelsley  Walsh for the pair of us then. Mindful of my frail health just now post chemotherapy I kept the roof up on the journey there just in case I got too cold and ended up spoiling my day. Anyway, here is how the day went. Continue reading