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The Peanut and Beastmaster Dream/Hit List

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Opel GTDone





Cayman S

To Do

Jaguar F- Type Coupé

To Do

When you have a dream, you might have a dream that comes true. If you don’t have a dream then you are not in the game. so when you dream, make sure it is the right girl, make sure it is the right car, make sure it is the right beach and make sure it is the right road. You know when you see a really smug guy that you just want to punch? Sorry chaps but that’s me. I dreamed about the right girl and my dream came true, we drove along the right road, to the right beach in the right car – Peanut, L’Escalet, Opel GT. When your dreams have come true, carry on dreaming, it means you are alive. My dreams are very vivid just now full of bright colours such as Italian Racing Red and  Racing Yellow. What colours paint your dreams?

Author: ibeastie

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One thought on “The Peanut and Beastmaster Dream/Hit List

  1. Stimulating reading. Great ideas, well made. I reckon you are just right there.

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