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Car Of The Week – Petrolicious and the MR2s

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My Mum was one of the first people in the UK to get the mk11 Baby Ferrari style MR2 on a “G” plate and back in the day it was like something off another planet. I nicked it every chance I got and toured Europe frequently in it. I remember driving past cafes in Ste Maxime, between a Porsche and a Ferrari. They were two a penny – everyone was staring at me in the white MR2, with its big fat wheels on the back and thinner front tyres to balance with the lack of power steering. The mid engined set up put the engine just behind your ear and that car was fun, you didn’t go out driving in that car – you went dancing, it was fun and racy, pretty and chic. So I had to share this beautiful video from Petrolicious while I walked back down memory lane and remembered the MR2 that I loved to play with.

I guess it is because of the car that the GT86 excites me so much.

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