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SilverBeast Gets His Nametag

 SilverBeast has his laurels and now he has received his name tags. The next step is to have his A-panels coloured red to match his roof, in the same way that CooperBeast and ClubBeast have matching A-panels. The side scuttles came from and I have to say we were very pleased with the job they did and the service they provided. Continue reading

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SilverBeast Earns His Laurels

 With a 1000 miles under his belt, SilverBeast has earned his laurels, which he now shares with his brothers ClubBeast and CooperBeast. Another 1000 miles and he will earn the coveted roof coloured A panels already sported by CooperBeast and ClubBeast.

The Cooper Laurels and the coloured A- panel, then are badges of honour, proof of a journey undertaken – the rite of passage from boy to adolescent to man.  A true rite of passage has three distinct features; separation, transition and re-incorporation.

SilverBeast has spent his first 1000 miles of life separated from his brothers CooperBeast and ClubBeast by uniform. He has been naked and unadorned. At 500 miles he got his union jack flag badges and after 1000 miles  he began to wear his laurels. Now, with an engine run in he is an adolescent. He is in transition, learning how to wield his strength and after 2000 miles the transition will be complete and he will be reincorporated into the fold as an equal and proudly wearing his coloured A-panels to prove his status.

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The Naming of SilverBeast

At Beastie Folly all of the MINIs that have been in our stable have carried the “beast” name – CooperBeast, CheckBeast, ClubBeast and now SilverBeast. Before we got SilverBeast there were a few names thrown into the hat such as PeaBeast or CoupeBeast, but when he finally came these just did not seem right. A name from the past kept subliminally flashing into my mind, until staring at him, it suddenly crashed to the front of my mind – SilverBeast and instantly both Peanut and me knew that this was the right name. Continue reading

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SilverBeast – The Second Week

 We have now had our MINI Coupe John Cooper Works – SilverBeast – for just over two weeks and the Honeymoon is continuing.

Yesterday we washed him for the first time. It was just a quick wash, rinse and dry down but it was a very rewarding experience. Washing the roof, running the sponge over its surface was a delightful tactile experience and the teardrop shape of the roof became very apparent while doing this. It really was fun and it served to reinforce the bonding process. Continue reading

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SilverBeast – The First Week

We picked up our JCW MINI Coupe – SilverBeast – one week ago, so we thought it was time we put down a few of our thoughts on the car. This isn’t a TopGear or EVO style appraisal of the car’s performance, its strengths or its weaknesses as such reviews are all over the web. This is just a few thoughts put down in a rambling manner from a couple of middle aged adventurers who are delighted to have this machine in their lives. Continue reading

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SilverBeast is MINI Connected

When we ordered SilverBeast we specced the Harmon Kardon Hi Fi upgrade and the Media Pack. The Media Pack gave us MINI Connected and I have to say that we just love this option. I’m sure the novelty will wear off but we love the car talking to us and having the engine telling me when it is warm, I find genuinely helpful. The ability to find a location on our Mac at home and then send it to the car is also a delight to use and cuts out all that messing about at the start of a trip setting up the Sat Nav. We found this video very helpful too in pointing us at some of the things MINI Connected will do.