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Mega MINI Meet Lytham Hall – 21st April 2013

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 This was a static MINI get together with some traders and other MINIs to admire and an opportunity to pick up tips and get ideas for future mods that we might fancy. We stayed over at my Mum’s in Buckley the night before and with an early start, we planned to be at the meet before 9.00am. We knew there were a number of other groups travelling to the show but we had made no definite plans to meet up with any of them to convoy to the show, we just hoped that we would find them on the way.

Well we did find them, sadly as we shot past Charnock Richard Services we saw a whole gang of MINIs parked up. But it was too late for us by then, so we slowed right down and waited for them to catch up. It is impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t been there, but driving slowly waiting for 20-30 minis to catch you up always takes a lot longer then you think it will. We were looking and waiting for them for what seemed like ages and even though we knew they were coming, there was such a sense of exhilaration when, suddenly in the distance behind us was a swarm of cars and lights. They soon caught us up, some passed us and we found a spot in the middle of the convoy to follow them the rest of the way. To those who understand such things, it was just like the old days, when being out and about with a gaggle of MINIs was such great fun!

Once we were in and parked up we had a chance to meet and chat with old friends and new. First with Elliot who we hadn’t seen for ages, and who is one of the few who are brave enough to have specced Satellite Grey leather in his new Roadster. As our Bum warmers are also Satellite grey we took our hats off to him! Seriously, though it’s always a pleasure when our paths cross even if I don’t fancy him quite as much as Lady P does!

We soon indulged ourselves in a bacon and egg bap to charge up the energy reserves and then we wandered off to investigate all the MINIs at the show.

We also found the tea shop and had a hot drink and some cakes, and afterwards bumped into Dave and Becky, old friends from our European touring trips and who we haven’t seen for ages! Interestingly, they had seen us long before we saw them, which of course made me instantly paranoid as I began to wonder what prattish or outlandish thing had I gone and done this time to make my presence so obvious!

By lunchtime the dry weather gave up on us and it started to drizzle so we dived into our car for a sandwich. Spookily we were reminiscing about the old days, no doubt because we were enjoying the show so much, when a blast from the past materialised in front of our rain covered windscreen. The one and only Michelle Farrington no less. Now honestly, I promise you it’s not just because she is pretty that I have a lot of time for this gal oh no, it goes back to her very first MINI Run in the lakes and her obvious and infectious excitement at one of the tea stops on the run as she described changing gear, “First gear – rev limiter, second gear – rev limiter, third gear… ” and so on. She was one of the rare breed championed by Lady P, a girl who drives her MINI well! Great to see you looking so well and happy Michelle!

There was a craft fair in the outbuildings of the Hall too which amused us and kept us dry for a while and Peanut bought a pair of vintage leather gloves with crochet backs. Ooh now then I have to say I do like these – very sexy!

The rain though, was not going to let up and we gathered under the domed gazebo of the FullOn MINI Club where they had a magnificent birthday cake to celebrate their first birthday. At this point I followed a lead to track down a diffuser and the purchase of said diffuser will now be completed later this week! Oh my God it really is getting like the Vintage  Days of MINI ownership, as I am so excited about doing this latest mod to SilverBeast! Last week’s mod – the new red Joseph Ducts went down well by the way, receiving much admiration from all quarters.

The day was drawing to an end by now and we still had a three hour journey home, so we said our goodbyes and left the show in a three MINI convoy which held all the way to the Stoke exit. This certainly made the journey home a bit more fun too!

A great day in all ways except the weather, with a good turnout of MINIs and more coupés than we have seen anywhere, which was very inspiring and pleasing for us. Seeing the silver white Coupé SD with a rear diffuser was in truth the deal sealer for us!  Although we never got chance to get our chairs out, Peanut did get to wear her new red Hunters, not quite a match to our Joseph Ducts, but as close as Hunters can get and it did mean I could spot her in a crowd as easily as I can spot SilverBeast in a gaggle of MINIs! A massive thank you to the organisers and fingers crossed that we are all there again next year!

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