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SilverBeast Gets His Nametag

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 SilverBeast has his laurels and now he has received his name tags. The next step is to have his A-panels coloured red to match his roof, in the same way that CooperBeast and ClubBeast have matching A-panels. The side scuttles came from and I have to say we were very pleased with the job they did and the service they provided.

 In the same week that SilverBeast got his name tags, ClubBeast  came home bruised and battered after a fight with a Polish HGV. He is in the Clubman hospital right now having a skin graft and a wheel transplant and should be as good as new in a fortnight. ClubBeast did a great job of looking after Mrs P who got a fright but was otherwise unharmed in the incident. The HGV driver was quick to spot that Mrs P might be small but she is feisty so he was very quick to apologise profusely for the damage he had caused!

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