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Brooklands MINI Day March 2013

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 This year we went to The Brooklands MINI Day with The Surrey NEW MINI Club and despite the perishingly cold weather we had a great day.  We met in a nearby Tesco car park so that we could all convoy onto the stand together and this worked very well and gave us a chance to meet some old friends and make one or two new ones. As always it was inspiring seeing other people’s MINIs and we came away with a few ideas on what to do with SilverBeast. Great fun and all part of the joy of the MINI scene.

We are recent members to The Surrey New MINI Club but this is definitely a great club to be a part of and right up there with some of our old favourites such as The NewMINISeverns Club and the Clubman Register. Talking of  the Clubman Register, Brettles’ car is different every time we see it and this time it was no exception looking very low and mean!  It was really good to meet Headintheclouds and her fella who were on the Clubman Register with their Clubbie and CrazyJ from SNM  made us feel very welcome too. catching up with old chums and new was great fun and what all this was about and a big well done to EMU-P’s lady Helen for braving the cold to be with a load of mad MINI enthusiasts.

 Brooklands is a great venue because of course it has the car and plane museums which make a welcome break from the cold. So many things to see and be amazed by. Peanut was impressed by the exploits of Jessie Ennis on her motorbikes and I was fascinated by the Sopwith Camel and its twin machine guns wich were synchronised to be able to fire through the propeller. Just think about that for a minute – it’s genius pure and simple!

 Also, a big thank you to the couple who brought a Paceman which they had borrowed for the weekend. This car is an instant hit with us and definitely on our radar…

 Brooklands MINI Day – our second year on the trot and we loved it. Fingers crossed we will be there next year!

 As always, click on any of the pictures for a slideshow from the day.

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